In creating the woman

In creating the woman, God said, “It is not good that the man is alone: ​​I will do him a help similar to him “(Gen 2,18) Precisely because woman can be of help to man God created her equal to him in dignity, but different in quality. The woman, with her specific skills, completes the man in all aspects of her personality and therefore gives the family, society and the whole world a unique contribution, an exclusive imprint. In every person, in every environment , especially where there are particular problems or sufferings, the woman with her sensitivity knows how to grasp the elements that escape the male soul; with his generosity he is capable of profoundly dedicating himself; with his fortitude he knows how to convey calm, instill courage, restore confidence. That’s why the woman is “called to become an important support for the existence of each person, especially in the family.” The woman, whether or not she has children, in the family or in other environments is always called to be a mother : mother of children, mother of brothers, mother of husband, mother of elderly parents, mother of anyone who needs eyes that know how to see, a heart they love, hands and feet that do not hesitate to provide. It is true, unfortunately, that many women, many women, on their own responsibility or that of others, are not mothers, and leave empty spaces in families, gaps in all workplaces or educational environments in which the people entrusted to their care need “An important support”. And then, we must really “think” of the woman, to educate her from an early age, to train her to female values ​​and prepare her to be a mother. Mother of anyone who needs her. Mother as God wants her, with a big heart, capable of embracing the whole world.

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